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Home / Cars / Volvo S60 2,5 AT 2012

The all-new S60 is sportier and more dynamic than any previous Volvo. But it is still an unmistakeable representative of Scandinavian design at its best. Virtually all the lines were penned to carve out the "coupe with four doors" profile. The C-pillar stretches sensually all the way to the tail lamps - and the slim coupe-like roof line is accompanied by a new contour on the shoulders on either side of the lower body, creating a gentle yet powerful double wave from the headlamps at the front to the tail lamps at the rear.

Volvo S60 2,5 AT 2012

1-2 day 3-7 days 8-14 days 15-30 days over 30 days weekend rates * rates week ** pledge
3690 3490 3290 3090 2990 8500 16000 20000

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Gearbox type Automatic   Engine capacity 2.5 liters
Color white   Airbag  
Front Windows     Air conditioning  
Power steering     Heated mirrors  
ABS     Amount of fuel 65 l.
CD-radio     Vehicle type sedan

Color silver   Vehicle type suv
Airbags     Engine volume 2,5 l.
Power steering     Amount of fuel 67 l.
Air Conditioning     AG Easytronic  
Glass lifts front     ABS  
Electric heated mirrors     CD-radio  

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